Here is the information that you requested from a friend of Mazzy with special pricing and an exclusive offer about the Wristpix Photo Bracelets.
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Eco Friendly handcrafted, bracelets featuring precious gems... Creating an original piece as unique as the person who wears one. Proceeds from each bracelet sold go to Mazzy.

Your Precious Gems...

Special Email Referral Offer

Our most popular bracelet is made of 10 pictures (which is the size that fits most women's and girl's wrists). If you order from the website it costs $90. Since you are a friend or a supporter of Mazzy, the photo bracelet is $45. You also have the option of purchasing a duplicate bracelet for $25 if you order it at the same time. The photos can all be portrait (6 5/8" circumference) or eight portrait and two landscape (7" circumference). The pictures must be cropped to the dimensions of an 8 x 10 photo. If you don't want to crop them there is an additional $10 charge. Before the bracelet is made a copy of the cropped images will be sent for your approval.

To place an order you can attach your photos to an email:  You can also share a folder containing the photos from Facebook, Snapfish, Flckr, etc... If you share a folder please let us know by sharing the folder with  You will receive an email when your bracelet is ready to be made (currently about 5 days). Payments are by Paypal, Google Checkout, or Serve.
Normal shipping is an additional $2-5.
Portrait View
Landscape View

Your one-of-a-kind treasured wristpix bracelet

The 3/4" walnut wristpix is the most popular photo bracelet. The wood base takes 5-7 days to completely finish using Pure Tung Oil providing a tough, flexible and highly water-resistant coating and is FDA approved for food contact. Tung Oil has been used for centuries to finish wood. The Tung Oil we us is pure tung oil meaning it has no additives or distillates. Most tung oil can be a thinned down varnish to polymerized tung oil, many having petroleum distillates added. Our pure Tung Oil penetrates deeply into the wood to enhance character and water resistance while creating a great wood finish. Pure Tung Oil was and is one of the first truly "Green" finishes. It is all natural and contains zero VOC's.

The casting resin cures to an optically clear plastic.  It's non-flammable, no VOC's, and UV stable.

How to crop your photos using Google Picasa

Here is a tutorial on cropping on YouTube.
Remember to use the dimensions of an 8x10 (width 8 tall 10 for portrait) when cropping your pictures.

Below are the directions to crop the photos using Google's Picasa program which is free.
  • Create a folder on your desktop
    • right click
    • new
    • folder (name it bracelet or something easy)
  • Choose the pictures you want for you bracelet
  • make copies of them and place them in the new folder on your desktop
Now you have a copy of your photos so if you make any mistakes you can just delete the picture and start over making another copy of the original picture.
  • Open Picasa
    • Under "Folders" you should see your newly created "bracelet" folder click on it and it should show the pictures that you copied to that folder.
    • Double click on a photo and it will bring up editing
    • Under "Basic Fixes" choose: "Crop"
    • Select the size 8 x 10 - This will crop your photo to the dimensions that are used for the pictures on your bracelet. Select the crop that you like best.
    • You may have to click the rotate button if the crop is not in the proper direction.
  • Click "Apply" and you have cropped the image to the proper dimensions.
  • It's a good idea to try out the "Auto Contrast" and "Fill Light" Fixes. Dark Pictures do not show much detail when they are shrunk down to bracelet size.
  • After you have made all your changes
  • Click File and Save
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